Lower Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Trial

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Lower Peripheral Neuropathy is a chronic condition that causes severe pain in the ankles and feet. It is frequently caused by diabetes, and it often precedes the complete loss of sensation in the foot, skin ulcers, disfigurement, infection and amputation. According to researchers from Johns Hopkins, nearly half of all diabetes sufferers can expect some form of peripheral neuropathy in their lifetimes. The conventional means for controlling this condition is with medication. We are testing an alternate approach, which combines hypnosis and virtual reality. Our system works with your mind to block the pain messages coming from your lower legs and feet. It also uses guided medical imagery to have your brain imagine the blood vessels around the nerves in your feet regenerating and nourishing the nerves back to health.

What are we seeking?

We are seeking volunteers with severe neuropathic foot pain, and we especially welcome people whose foot pain is difficult to control by current medication.

What will the volunteers do?

Upon registration, each volunteer will receive a questionnaire form by email. That form must be completed and returned. We will use that information to build a custom hypnosis video for this volunteer, who will then receive a download link by email. The video is encapsulated in a zip file, which can be downloaded onto both iPhone and Android smartphones. The volunteer will then play the video for a month, using a set of VR goggles, as described here. The video runs for about 40 minutes and volunteers can view it in the comfort of their own homes. Volunteers will use this product in addition to following any medical advice from their doctors. Patients should not disregard their doctors' advice!

Where is the trial located?

Since the trial is over the Internet, there is no need to travel anywhere.

Is there a cost?

In this testing stage, our video is free to use. However, in order to test our software, the volunteers will need to have a smartphone with a 4½" – 6" screen, measured diagonally. Volunteers will also need virtual reality headsets with built-in speakers. For a full explanation of the requirements, please click here.

Why do we think this video is worth testing?

Studies have shown that hypnosis and guided imagery have shown promise in reducing neuropathic pain. In addition, this video has been tested on a small sample of people, all of whom reported sufficient pain reduction to make positive lifestyle changes. However, these samples were too small to draw any definitive conclusions. Now we seek to leverage the power of the Internet for a large scale test.

Does the video have any known side effects?

Users often report sleeping better after they use the video.

What is my time commitment?

You must agree to use the video for 40 minutes per day for a month in a quiet place. The video is not interactive, and you can view it in bed or in your favorite chair.

How do I Register?

Please email us at TreatmentTrials@mindbasedsolutions.com.


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