Our videos combine hypnosis and guided imagery in a 3D side-by-side virtual reality medium, as shown below:

Users download and install our videos on their cell phones. This is a one-time transfer. Then they find a comfortable place at home to play them.

Once the users are comfortable, they start the video, place the cell phone into the VR headset and view the presentation. Running times range from 35-45 minutes. Users typically repeat this process once a day for a month, depending on the application.

Hypnosis has long been proven to be an effective pain suppressant. In fact, both dentists and obstetricians have used it for years to control pain with their patients. However, hypnosis only works on patients who can be hypnotized, and getting people there has always been the greatest challenge. Only a minority of people can be hypnotized, and this has unfortunately contributed to the dodgy reputation of hypnosis.

The virtual reality medium has changed this equation. Hypnosis delivered in a virtual reality medium -- where the eyes and ears are completely monopolized -- has been proven to be far more effective in inducing hypnotic states than standard methods. The lack of distraction allows for greater mental focus, and the all-encompassing audio/visual medium enables far more compelling induction methods.

Virtual reality allows the benefits of hypnosis, such as relaxation and pain reduction, to reach far more people. Not only do our products present hypnosis in a virtual reality medium, but they also integrate guided medical imagery and placebo perception methods that convince the mind to heal the body. These methods draw from a very deep well of established research. Specifically, every clinical trial of a new drug requires that it be tested against a placebo. A drug that can't do better than the placebo fails the test. Our products use hypnosis to deliver thoughts and images that amplify the placebo effect.

Our products are not drugs or chemicals. They are not physically ingested and do not require a prescription. Finally, the only side effect that has ever been reported by testers has been a good night's sleep.